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Learn About Youth Mental Health In A New Light!!

Listen to Problems Of A Teenager and learn about youth mental health for your own and your peers' benefit.

Bring Awareness To Youth Mental Health !!

 Mental Illness Awareness raises awareness of these mental health disorders and, perhaps, lessens stigma. It may also assist someone in recognizing the warning signals of a mental illness that they or a loved one is experiencing.

Understanding Youth Mental Health !!

Mental Health It is typical for children and adolescents to suffer various sorts of emotional anguish as they grow and mature. For example, it is typical for children to feel school-related anxiety, and for adolescents to have brief bouts of despair.

Understanding The Signs Of Mental Health Problems !!

On Problems Of A Teenager, we talk a lot about some of the signs of mental health but let's get to know a few more. Not eating enough,  overeating having insomnia, sleeping too much withdrawing from other people, and many more.

Benefits Of Our Podcast

Two Brains Are Better Than One!!

Instagram Live Podcast Episodes

Our Instagram live podcast episodes have been requested a lot by fans for a while and we've finally brought them to you with new episodes every 3 weeks or less. With different topics and more teenagers but also cover other things as we deal with mental health problems on other episodes. 

Connect and Share

With the Right Exposure,
Great Things Can Happen !!

Building a podcast is a good thing but it doesn't matter until the right people see it. So make sure you all share links to our podcast and connect with us so that we may take your advice to grow and expand the podcast so that we may reach more youth to spread awareness !!

Finally, a Podcast that empowers youth for problems that have been ignored for years this is truly amazing and inspiring!!

Thomas Hill

I love the concept and getting involved in this industry at such a young age. People at this age need to hear blunt and honest facts about the struggles of being a teen / young adult. Be the person you wish you had when you needed someone!! Keep up the great work. 🙏🏻

Tyler Pickert

This show is so inspiring and knowledgeable.  such an amazing show for me my kid will listen to every episode!!!


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It's been great having you on my main page but make sure you check out my podcast to learn more about mental health and the resources we have for you!!

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